How to use your address in Japan

Using your Address in Japan

Add your own name when using your address. If the online shop requires Japanese characters, you can convert your name to katakana using this online Katakana converter). 

東京都品川区西五反田6-2-7 B1階 MXXXXXX 

*Replace MXXXXXX with your Mailbox number.

Elements Explained

Postal Code: 141-0031 
City: 品川区 
District/Town: 西五反田 
Street Address: 6-2-7 
Building name: B1階  MXXXXXX  
Phone: 03-6450-7109

Romanized Address

Postal Code: 141-0031 
City: Shinagawa 
State/Prefecture: Tokyo  
District/Town: Nishigotanda 
Street Address: 6-2-7 
Building name: B1 Floor MXXXXXX  
Phone: 03-6450-7109

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If you use the auto-generate button after entering the postal code, it will automatically put 西五反田 in the incorrect field. Please place it with 品川区 in the field above. 

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