How to use your address in Japan

Using your Address in Japan

*Replace MXXXXXX with your Mailbox number.

東京都目黒区中目黒4-8-5藤井ビル6階 MXXXXXX 

Elements Explained

Postal Code: 153-0061 
City: 目黒区
District/Town: 中目黒
Street Address: 4-8-5
Building name: 藤井ビル6階 MXXXXXX 
Phone: 03-6450-7109

Romanised Address
Postal Code: 153-0061
City: Meguro
State/Prefecture: Tokyo
Street Address: 4-8-5
Building name:Fujii Building 6th Floor MXXXXXX 
Phone: 03-6450-7109

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When entering your address first enter the post code and select the grey button on the right. You should then get an option in the bottom left to confirm the city and state as "東京都目黒区中目黒". Click the grey button on the left then continue entering your address as normal.

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