How to use your address in Japan

Using your Address in Japan

*Replace MXXXXXX with your Mailbox number.

東京都品川区西五反田6-2-7 B1階 MXXXXXX 

Elements Explained

Postal Code: 141-0031 
City: 品川区 
District/Town: 西五反田 
Street Address: 6-2-7 
Building name: B1階  MXXXXXX  
Phone: 03-6450-7109

Romanized Address

Postal Code: 141-0031 
City: Shinagawa 
State/Prefecture: Tokyo  
District/Town: Nishigotanda 
Street Address: 6-2-7 
Building name: B1 Floor MXXXXXX  
Phone: 03-6450-7109

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