Prohibited Items

Non-mailable Articles

We cannot ship the following items:

  • Alcohol content above 24%
  • Zippo lighters
  • Nail polish
  • Perfume
  • Stand-alone batteries or mobile battery chargers (Batteries within items are generally accepted but may require further paperwork. Please contact us when shipping such items.)
  • Items restricted by trade laws such as Ivory or Python Skin (goods made from endangered animals)
  • Airsoft guns
  • Replica Weapons
  • Aerosols
  • Sunscreen
  • Credit Cards, bank statements, etc
  • Laundry Detergent and other cleaning liquids
  • Airpods/Earpods in charging cases (these are treated as stand-alone batteries)

Explosives and hazardous materials


Fireworks, firecrackers, ammunitions

Flammable liquids

Lighter fuel, paint, oil (and any items that may have contained these such as oil tanks for cars)

Compressed gasses

Fire extinguishers, aqualungs, dust removers (spray type), portable condensed oxygen, helium gas, gas stove burners for camping, gas for portable stoves, gas for lighters

Flammable materials

Matches, lighters


Bleach, peroxidative agents, oxygen generators for personal use


Chloroform, insecticide transpirators (heat type)

Poisonous substances

Mercury, batteries

Radioactive substances

Plutonium, radium, uranium, caesium


Narcotics and psychotropic substances or tobacco.

Live animals and plants

Live animals
Plants including Fresh Fruit and Vegetables 
Any item including soil/dirt

Country Specific Restrictions

It is your responsibility to ensure that the item you purchase can be imported to your country. If in doubt please contact your local customs service. We have included a few specific examples for restricted items based on country.

United States of America

Meat products including powdered and dried content are not permitted.

Australia and New Zealand

Natural products, seeds, wood or any items that would pose a biohazard are not permitted.

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