What is Consolidation? How does it work?

Consolidation allows you to combine multiple packages into one so that it can be shipped to you together. This cuts down on handling and international shipping fees to save you money. Consolidation also includes free repacking.

Consolidation costs $3 per package.

As an example, you have two small packages and request that we combine them into one larger package via EMS.


Original Fees Consolidated Fees
Package 1 (500 grams)
Receiving Fee: $1
Mailout Fee: $2.25
Shipping Fee: $0.92
Shipping Cost: $18.47

Package 2 (800 grams)
Receiving Fee: $1
Mailout Fee: $2.40
Shipping Fee: $1.17
Shipping Cost: $23.46
Package (1200 grams)
Receiving Fee: $2
Consolidation Fee: $6
Mailout Fee: $2.68
Shipping Fee: $1.52
Shipping Cost: $30.48
Total: $50.67 Total: $42.68

That's a saving of $7.99.

How do I consolidate?

Consolidation requests are made from your Blackship mailbox. Simply click the Consolidate button at the top of the mailbox and complete the steps. Consolidation can be made without filling in customs first. 

The button will only appear if you have more than one item in your mailbox.

When should I not consolidate?

Most packages will end up cheaper to consolidate. However there are some times you should avoid consolidating such as:

  • You want to ship via Small Packet shipping methods but your current packages combined would be too large (exceed 2000 grams or LWH of 90cm).
  • You have a combination of heavy items (such as large amounts of books) and fragile items (such as glass). In this case consolidating may cause damage to the fragile items.
  • Combining the packages would cause them to be too large for shipment (we will warn you if this happens).

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