How do I change my shipping address at a Japanese store?

Due to our move in June 2017 the address you use for stores will be changed.

Most stores will allow you to update the address on your own via their order page. However, if a store requires you to email them you can use the template below to request the address is changed.

Subject line: 配送先変更のお願い

Before sending please make sure to update the following.

ORDERNUMBER - replace with the order number for the store

MXXXXXX - replace with your Blackship mailbox ID


注文番号 ORDERNUMBERについてですが、下記配送先住所へ変更をお願いしてもよろしいでしょうか?
〒 153-0061 
藤井ビル6階 MXXXXXX

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