What is Package Forwarding?

Buying from Japan can be difficult, as many stores don't ship internationally and require customers to have a domestic shipping address. Blackship's package forwarding service gives you your own personal address in Japan so you can shop from any Japanese store and have the packages forwarded to you. 

1. Sign up and get your Blackship address. This will be your own personal address in Japan.

2. Shop any store in Japan and enter your Blackship address as your delivery address when you checkout.

3. When we receive your package in your mailbox, you'll get an email with a photo. Our team of expert packers will check your package and recommend repacking if it is not suitable for international shipping. The fee for repacking is $3.00 per package. However, if you plan on consolidating multiple packages you do not need to pay this fee, as repacking is included for free with all consolidations. 

4. Choose your customs value. 

5. You can choose to consolidate multiple packages, or ship your package as is.

6. Choose your shipping method (options will vary based on package weight, size and contents)

More detailed explanations for each step are available at the Blackship Support Center.

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