Guide to Using Your Address

Using your Blackship address on Japanese websites may seem a little daunting at first but many stores use very similar forms and layouts to capture your address information. Google Translate can assist with basic website comprehension and any errors that may appear while entering your information but learning some basic Japanese words is recommended to truly master forwarding from Japan.

You can find your Blackship address at the profile page on

Having trouble with your address? Send a screenshot of the address form (filled in as best you can) to [email protected] and we'll help you out.

If you receive any payment errors when shopping or the language barrier is too much trouble then we recommend our sister site White Rabbit Express, they will handle all the buying and shipping on your behalf. 

Common Phrases and Tips

The following is an outline of common phrases you will find on Japanese websites when using your address.

Japanese   English Blackship address Tips

Country 日本/Japan Stores with this option may ship internationally or are located outside Japan. We recommend checking this information just to be safe.
Full name Your name This field is for your first and last name together. This should be a real name but does not have to match your account name with us. 
If the online shop requires Japanese characters, you can convert your name to katakana using this online Katakana converter). 
Furigana or Katakana name 
(your name in Japanese)
Your name in Japanese Not all stores require this field but if they do you can convert your name to katakana using this online Katakana converter). 
姓 and 名  Last name and First name Your last name and Your first name Sometimes the store will split the first and last name. Last name is usually input first in Japan.

Postcode 141-0031 If an error is shown for this field try to enter it without the dash.

State 東京都/Tokyo
都市区 City 品川区/Shinagawa-ku
町域 Town 西五反田/Nishigotanda
番地 Street numbers 6-2-7
Building name B1階 KXXXXXX
KXXXXXX is how we identify your mailbox. Check your account for your number and ensure to include it!
Rest of address Some stores will not break down your address and instead ask you to put all remaining information in this field. Paste any information that you have not already entered into this field. 
電話番号 Phone number 03-6450-7109 If an error is shown for this field try to enter it without the dashes.

Address Examples

The following are some pre-filled examples of popular websites to help you visualize what your address should look like in various situations.

Rakuten Japan

Adidas Japan

Amazon Japan

Nike Japan

Tora no Ana

Note: If you use the auto-generate (grey) button next to the postal code, it will automatically put 西五反田 in the incorrect field. Please place it with 品川区 as shown below.

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