How do I to schedule a pickup?

When to choose pickup

Blackship allows pickup at our Nishigotanda office location by appointment only. This is designed as an emergency option for those traveling to Japan that won't be able to ship to a Japanese address or their own home country. This is especially useful for concert tickets or items you require while traveling within Japan.

Pickup is charged at a flat fee of 1000 yen (converted to your selected currency).
Pickup can only be completed by the Blackship account holder. We may request your ID when completing the pickup so please ensure to bring it with you when visiting us.

How to select pickup

Pickup is included as a shipping option when going through the normal shipping checkout. 

Step 1

First, declare customs as usual and select "Ship Package"

Step 2

From here you review as normal and select your shipping address. Even if this location is overseas we will ignore the shipping address if you select "Pickup from Blackship office" at the next step.

Step 3

On the "Shipping Options" step select "Pickup from Blackship office". 

You will then receive a prompt to ensure you wish to proceed. Review on the next page and hit "Request shipment".

Step 4

You will then need to schedule a time to pickup your item. Please see below for more details.

Scheduling the pickup

Once you check out with pickup you must email us at [email protected] with several time options. To ensure speedy processing we recommend the following:

  • Arrange the pick up several days before you arrive in Japan to allow time for negotiation
  • Choose a one hour period that is best for you, but provide more than one option just in case
  • Do not select weekends or public holidays
  • Choose a time between 11 am and 6 pm

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