How do I complete customs?

Blackship gives you complete control over your customs value, so you are free to enter any value you wish.

For the customs type, we include a drop-down with options to select from. 
When searching for a customs type we recommend thinking "what is the simplest way to describe this item?" 

Here are a couple of examples

  • Folders, notebooks, pens, erasers, files, binders: Stationery
  • Rings, ear piercings, necklaces: Jewelry
  • Tripods, camera lenses, on-camera flash, in-camera microphone: Camera parts
Note: If you are shipping tickets or inks, declare them as stationery, otherwise we will be unable to ship them. 

The list has preemptively eliminated keywords that may cause shipping complications such as "Oil", "Glue" etc to ensure you do not accidentally declare these during shipment.

How to fill out customs

  1. In your mailbox, click "Details" under the package you want to declare.
  2. Click "Add Item" under the "Customs Items" heading below the photo.
  3. Choose the best descriptor for your item.
  4. Enter the quantity and value.
NOTE: The value you input will be multiplied by the quantity of the item. For example, if you declare 10 of an item and enter 10,000 yen for the value, the declaration will be 100,000 yen.
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